About the City of Care Team

Based at the University of Milan, the City of Care Team is integrated within the Department of Social and Political Sciences

Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellow

Research Supervisor

Host Institution


City of Care is supported by a wider international Advisory Panel

University of Milan, Italy. Expert in qualitative methods in sociological research, gender and inequalities, currently acting Head of GENDERS.

Maynooth University, Ireland.
Expert on the local dynamics of production of socio-spatial inequalities arisen in Dublin from the financial

Maynooth University, Ireland.
Expert of financialization and post-crisis austerity in Dublin.

University of Leuven, Belgium.
Expert on financialization of housing,recently involved in a ERC Starter Grant project on the interconnection of states, finance and housing (REFCOM).

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.
Directing member of the COALESCE Lab, a research lab dedicated to studying processes of social cohesion, polarization, and exclusion from a social network perspective.

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Directing member of the research group GRAFO, currently involved in a project on the role of support networks in survival strategies of households in poverty.

This website has been produced as a collaborative photo-ethnography between the researcher  Lidia K.C. Manzo and the photographer Pierluigi Cattani Faggion

Professional Photographer based in Italy

Editing street-based tape recordings is a literary and practical challenge with political and scientific implications (Bourgois and Schonberg 2009).
Ethnographers and photographers are conduits for power because they carry messages through different worlds and across class and cultural divides, but they also develop relationships 

of trust with individuals who generously let them into their everyday lives. Photo-ethnography has the potential to effectively portray unacceptable social phenomena because it is more than the sum of its parts. It draws emotion, aesthetics, and documentation into social science analysis and theory and strives to link intellect with politics.