Dublin Multimedia and Stories

Text and Interviews by Lidia K. C. Manzo - Photos by Pierluigi Cattani Faggion


Dublin 8

The regeneration of Oliver Bond House

In the heart of Dublin

The Liberties

Community and belonging

Dublin’s Oliver Bond flats

Robert Emmet CDP

Empowering Dublin's SWIC communities since 2003


The joy and mindfulness of beekeeping in Dublin 8


The research project

Where there is power, there is resistance

The women of Dublin’s Oliver Bond flats

Oliver Bond House

The social production of community

The Liberties of Dublin

A vibrant working-class community under gentrification pressures

Dublin City representations

The neoliberal/entrepreneurial creation of new urban imaginaries

Dublin's Bee8

Our Bees. Our Community


Doing fieldwork - 2021

in Dublin 8 and Robert Emmet CDP (Photos by Lidia, Pierluigi and other friends)