Dublin 8 and the regeneration of Oliver Bond House

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Gayle Cullen Doyle, Oliver Bond Residents Group

Gayle on camera for #cityofcare tells us how the Oliver Bond residents hope to change their inadequate housing conditions in the flats: "We're stronger now than we've ever been. So, it's not about the complaints anymore now, it's about our living conditions, and health, and our well being, and our mental health".

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Natasha O’Keeffee, Oliver Bond Residents Group

"We want regeneration to make the place a better place for us to be in, a better community, a safer place for our children and our grandchildren growing up, and a better place of living. We've got a lot of issues in our homes with like drafty windows and molds, low water pressures, broken pathways, parking facilities, play facilities". Natasha on camera for City of Care

We're sick of waiting! Oliver Bond residents call for fast-tracking regeneration: Natasha O’Keeffee

"Where we are living might be falling around us, but we are not" says Natasha, determined to keep campaigning for Oliver Bond residents right to adequate housing and working with Dublin City Council to make this happen.

We're sick of waiting! Oliver Bond residents call for fast-tracking regeneration: Gayle Cullen Doyle

Gayle speaks on behalf of the Oliver Bond residents group: "Things have to change. We have a proud history. We want to have a proud future. We need regeneration quickly! We are sick of waiting".

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Jannette Cullen, Oliver Bond Resident Group

Jannette on camera for City of Care expresses her thoughts very clearly on the regeneration of Oliver Bond House, wishing for Dublin City Council representatives "to sit down with people who live here before they put their plans together and ask".

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Elizabeth, Liz O’Connor, Oliver Bond Residents Group

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle" (Martin Luther King, Jr). This quote reminds us that change lies in challenging norms, as well as summoning our determination and courage to stand up in the face of adversity and persist in making a difference, big or small. The very same vision of equality, solidarity and justice of Liz on camera for City of Care, ready to fight the battle for a “fair regeneration” of the Oliver Bond flats.

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Austin Campbell, Robert Emmet CDP

In September 2021, Oliver Bond residents – with the support of Robert Emmet Community Development Project (RECDP) – adopted their constitution and appointed people into positions to represent residents on the Oliver Bond Regeneration Forum to ensure that they have a key role in decision making. RECDP Executive Director Austin Campbell, on camera for City of Care, tells us what’s next!

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Tony O’Rourke, Board Member Robert Emmet CDP

Tony on camera for City of Care gives his basic take on the current unfair housing and living conditions in which residents of Oliver Bond are left, eventually demanding Dublin City Council to be a responsible landlord.

Oliver Bond House regeneration: Joseph Little, Technological University Dublin

"If a child has to sleep on the couch because of damp conditions in their room, then that flat is not a safe place for them to live"- Joseph Little, TUD for the "We're sick of waiting" Oliver Bond residents media campaign.