Community and Belonging in Dublin’s Oliver Bond flats

Oliver Bond community: Elizabeth, Liz O’Connor, Oliver Bond Residents Group

What does it mean Oliver Bond for you? "It's me home, it's community. It's where I live, where I want to live, and I wouldn't leave it". Liz tells on camera for #cityofcare what people actually think (and do) for the process of community building and collective action in Oliver Bond House.

Oliver Bond as a Nirvana: Jannette Cullen, Oliver Bond Residents Group

Jannette on camera for #cityofcare tells us how Oliver Bond House get unnecessary/bad publicity that stigmatize the community. However, she could never see herself living anywhere else: "You won't get neighbors in flat complex like you will in a housing estate in my opinion, because no matter what happens, if there's any difficulties it would be one of my neighbors I would go to straight away".

Do not institutionalize the flats! Lynnette Lyons, Oliver Bond Residents Group

Oliver Bond residents not only need the physical but also the social regeneration of the flats. Lynette on camera for #cityofcare discusses how a lack of education, for instance, may impact a lack of a broader ‘world view’ that can have such negative outcomes for the people there.

We had a fantastic childhood in the flats: Natasha O’Keeffee, Oliver Bond Residents Group

"Well, as a child, I can remember we had a great time growing up in Oliver Bond. It was a great place", Natasha on camera for #cityofcare

Oliver Bond is me life: Gayle Cullen Doyle, Oliver Bond Residents Group

What is Oliver Bond for you? "It's me life. It's where I grew up, and where all the best memories was made, and where I've learned everything that I've learned today". Gayle tells for #cityofcare her own "truth" about living in the Oliver Bond flats community.

Being part of the community: Tony O’Rourke, Board Member Robert Emmet CDP

Tony runs with his brother Sean the Oh! Rourke's cafè on Bridgefoot Street and is a board member of the local community development project Robert Emmet. On camera for #cityofcare tells us about the sense of community of people living and working in the Liberties, the reasons why they help people along the way: "My anchor for life is like just... if you can make life easier for somebody else then you should do it and it doesn't cost you anything. Like why would it bother you?"