CITY-OF-CARE preliminary results

The PI trajectory is very rich and original. On the one hand she is involved in social expertise and social action, and on the other hand she is a researcher with very good achievements and good networks. She is very well prepared to develop and conduct ground breaking and solid research.

In their initial Marie-Curie fellowship feedback both the representatives from the Commission as well as the reviewers concluded that the CITY-OF-CARE project was excellent, outstanding and exemplary. These first impressions are confirmed by the preliminary research brief outcomes that have been finalised these days.

This Fellowship has dramatically enhanced my academic and creative potential, as well as my networks, reinforcing my emergent leadership position in urban social policy bridging academia and practice for mutual benefit. More importantly, it gave me research funding to conduct community building and housing advocacy activities to have a tangible social impact. Lidia K.C. Manzo, CITY-OF-CARE Principal Investigator

CITY-OF-CARE preliminary results are now available for the Research Community in the European Open Science Cloud framework and accessible through:

The Horizon Results Platform, the entry point for policy-makers, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and experts where to discover the wealth of EU-funded research results and get in contact with their creators. CITY-OF-CARE results are searchable by acronym or by typing the keyword: cityofcare.

CITY-OF-CARE website: launched in March 2022 to ensure a proper user-experience based legacy after the conclusion of the project, the multimedia platform counts more than 200 items, among deliverables, reports, photographs, videos, presentations and posters.