Social Housing in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Conference of Irish Geographers
19 May, 2022
Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland


Rory Hearne, Maynooth University
Lidia K.C. Manzo, Milan University and Maynooth University

Access to adequate housing is now, more than ever, a matter of life and death. Approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide live in homelessness and “grossly inadequate” housing, often in overcrowded conditions, lacking access to water and sanitation, making them particularly vulnerable to contract the coronavirus. Over two years into the pandemic, very few lessons have been learned. Governments measures across the world on the right to adequate housing can, at best, be described as uneven and short term and, in many cases, simply cruel and reckless. It is the time to promote systemic reform for new housing policies that put dignity at the centre and avoid going back to the “old normal”.

It is within this uncertainty that we want to raise the discussion on how to strengthen the significant role of social housing providers at local, national and global level, particularly as we are hopefully walking toward a post-pandemic recovery agenda.

Thursday 19 May 2022

Session C3 - 9:15-10:45 (KBG13)   Chair: Lidia K.C. Manzo, Milan University

Byrne Emma and Curran Haley: Learning from the pandemic: Business as usual won’t solve the housing and homelessness crisis in Ireland

Rory Hearne: The wolf of 'neoliberalism and financialisation' in sheep's (social housing) clothing; When is Social Housing Not Social Housing

Dr Dáithí Downey: Social and Affordable Housing Provision and the Housing Need Demand Assessment (HNDA) model in Dublin.

Session D3 - 11:15-12:45 (KBG13)   Chair: Rory Hearne, Maynooth University

Nic Lochlainn Maedhbh: Housing need met? Assessing plans for social housing demand and provision in Dublin

Manzo Lidia Katia C. and Grove Hannah: "It's not good for the SOUL. It's not good for the HEART. It's not good for the HEAD": Social housing regeneration, health and public action in Dublin

Cela Maria Chiara: Solidarity and Community Responses to COVID-19 in Milan: active youth in public housing neighbourhoods

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