The Oliver Bond Regeneration Forum newsletter

The first edition of the Oliver Bond Regeneration Forum newsletter has been released in March 2022.

The Oliver Bond Regeneration Forum is a representative structure for proposed physical and social regeneration of Oliver Bond House. Its membership comprises of resident representatives, local Councillors and senior personnel from DCC and other relevant statutory agencies.

It is an honor for CITY-OF-CARE principal investigator - Lidia K.C. Manzo - to be invited as an external observer representing her EU research project  which involves the social housing community of Oliver Bond.

The overall function of the Regeneration Forum is to, in consultation with residents, develop a masterplan for the regeneration of Oliver Bond House and monitor progress so as to ensure the masterplan meets its stated objectives, and is delivered in accordance with agreed plans and schedules.

The Forum is independently chaired, with a coordinator position provided by local community development project, Robert Emmet CDP. The forum is funded by the Department of Housing.

Any questions about the forum can be directed to the coordinator - Deidre Smith - at