Work in review 2022

A year of work in review for the CITY-OF-CARE researcher Lidia K. C. Manzo: sitting in the board of the @oliverbondresidents Regeneration Forum since last January, advocating for #housing #justice and #adequate housing in #Dublin8 like there is #notomorrow kicking off the fieldwork in #milano #calvairate last March, preparing and delivering the #CIG2022 conference health and housing panel in Limerick last May, visiting Maynooth University Department of Geography for the CITY-OF-CARECITY-OF-CARE Maynooth University Social Science Institute seminar in June, working working working with Robert Emmet CDP in the Dublin’s Liberties and delivering the #carehealthhousing workshop last October, conferencing all the summertime, resuming fieldwork in Milan from November on… looks like a #busylife, but a wonderful #researchlife, and we owe it all to these people tagged in this video and many more!